How To Create A Solus Linux USB Drive


Solus Linux was the 7th most popular Linux distribution in 2018 and is currently number 8 for the past 6 months.

Personally I think this will change over the next year and I see Solus riding much higher as it becomes more mainstream.

If you are a Windows user looking to use Linux for the first time but you are worried about having to use the terminal then Solus is for you. It really is a straight forward, easy to use operating system.

What You Will Need

  1. A Solus Linux ISO image (instructions for downloading the ISO are included in this guide)
  2. A copy of Etcher (instructions for installation are included in this guide)
  3. A blank USB drive (2 gb or more)

How To Get A Solus ISO Image

Solus ISO Image

To get a copy of the Solus ISO image visit

Click on the “Download” link.

Solus Download ISO

There are a few different versions to choose from including Budgie (the default option), GNOME and MATE. I thoroughly recommend the Budgie version.

Click on the “Closest” button do download the ISO image from the location nearest you.

How To Get Etcher


To get Etcher visit

There is a download link which will say “Download for” and then the name of your current operating system. Simply click on the link to download Etcher.

To run Etcher click on the downloaded file. If you are running another version of Linux then you will need to extract the file within the zip file but for Windows users you just need to double click on the file.

How To Create A Solus Linux USB Drive

With Etcher open insert the USB drive. Click on the “Select Image” link and navigate to the downloads folder and select the Solus ISO image.

Click on the “Select Drive” link and choose the USB drive you wish to install Solus on.

Click “Flash”