How To Install Ubuntu Linux


Ubuntu Website

Ubuntu is one of the most popular operating systems in the world, not just one of the most popular Linux distributions.

Ubuntu is currently number 5 in the Distrowatch rankings behind Linux Mint, Manjaro, Elementary and MX Linux. The fact that Ubuntu is so well known however means that these figures may be slightly skewed because people may well go direct to the Ubuntu website first.

Ubuntu is one of the easiest systems to install, it is easy to use and the hardware support is great.

This guide will show you how to install Ubuntu

What you will need

A Ubuntu Linux USB drive

Click here for a guide which shows how to create a Ubuntu Linux USB drive.

You can also buy a Ubuntu Linux USB drive from here.

(Prices range from $5.95 for a DVD to $14.95 for a USB drive)

How To Install Ubuntu Linux

Insert the Ubuntu USB drive, restart your computer and press the relevant function key to bring up the boot menu for your computer. When the boot menu appears choose your USB drive as the drive to boot from.

(If you are unsure how to do this read the guide linked above which shows how to create a USB drive and it shows how to boot into Ubuntu Linux)

Step 1 – Start the installer

Ubuntu Install Guide

On the desktop you will see an icon with the label “Install Ubuntu”. Double click on this icon.

Step 2 – Choose installation language

Install Ubuntu

Select the language for the installation and click continue.

Step 3 – Choose the keyboard layout

Install Ubuntu

Choose the keyboard layout for your computer by choosing the language in the left panel and the layout in the right panel.

You can test the keys by typing into the box provided. Try out special keys such as the £$# and other such symbols.

Click continue.

Step 4 – Connect to the internet

Install Ubuntu

The third step is to decide whether to connect to the internet or not. If you connect at this point then all updates will be downloaded during the installation meaning your final installation will be completely up to date.

You can of course choose to let the installation continue without connecting to the internet and then install the updates post installation.

If you choose to connect to the internet choose the connection and then enter the security key.

Click continue.

Step 5 – Choose what to install

Install Ubuntu

There are two types of installation available. Most people will want to choose the normal installation as this comes with most things you need pre-installed such as a web browser, office suite, email client and other such software.

If you want to choose the software yourself post installation then you can choose to go for a minimal installation. In this instance you will get the bare minimum of tools necessary to use the operating system. It will then be up to you to decide what else to install.

The install third party software option will enable you to connect to wifi, use proprietary graphics drivers and listen to proprietary audio formats such as MP3.

Click continue.

Step 6 – Choose where to install Ubuntu

Install Ubuntu

You can choose to install Ubuntu alongside your current operating system as a dual boot system or for a complete installation you can choose erase disk and install Ubuntu.

Note for the “erase disk and install Ubuntu” option that you should adequately back up all of your files before you continue otherwise you will lose all the data that is currently on your system. You really should do this for either option.

Click “Install Now”

Step 7 – Write the changes to disk

Install Ubuntu

This is the last chance to cancel the installation. If you are sure you want to install Ubuntu click continue.

Step 8 – Choose your location

Install Ubuntu

Choose where you are located on the map, this will set the clock accordingly on your computer.

Click continue

Step 9 – Create a user

Install Ubuntu

The final step is to create a user.

Enter your name and enter a name for your computer. Pick a username and then enter a password and repeat it.

You can choose to log in automatically or require a password each time you login. I recommend that latter option because is somebody other than you started your computer and it automatically logged in they would have full access to your files.

Click continue.

Step 10 – Wait for the installation to finish

Install Ubuntu

After a short period of time Ubuntu will finish installing at which point you can reboot your computer and remove the USB drive.

The next time your computer starts you should be looking at a shiny new version of Ubuntu.