How To Install Elementary OS


This guide shows you how to install Elementary OS.

Elementary OS is a modern Linux based operating system aimed at the average computer user. It boasts a stylish and simple user interface and a strict selection of software.

This guide will show you how to install Elementary OS.

What you will need

  1. An Elementary OS bootable USB drive (click here for a guide showing how to create a USB drive)

This process will wipe all data from your current computer including the current operating system. You should back up your system if you in case you change your mind after installing Elementary.

How To Install Elementary OS

Insert the Elementary USB drive and press the relevant boot key to bring up your system’s boot menu. When the boot menu appears choose to boot from your USB drive.

After booting into the live version of Elementary you should see the above screen. Click on the “Install Elementary” option.

Choose the keyboard layout for your computer by choosing the language in the left panel and the setup in the right panel.

Click “Continue”.

Click the “download updates while installing elementary” option so that when Elementary is installed it receives all current updates straight away. This is good for security purposes and saves you having to update once the installation is complete.

It is also advisable to click the “Install third party software” option as this will make it possible to play MP3 audio and it will proprietary graphics drivers.

Click “Continue”.

If you already have an operating system installed you will be given the option to install Elementary alongside your current system. This is known as dual booting. Many people still do this however you end up wasting half of your hard drive.

To install Elementary as your only operating system click the “Erase disk and install elementary” option and click “Install Now”.

The penultimate step is to choose your location. This basically sets the clock on your computer to the correct time. Choose where you live on the map or enter the location in the box provided.

Click “Continue”.

Finally, create a user.

Enter your name and choose a name for your computer as it will appear on your home network.

Choose a username and then enter and repeat your desired password.

You can choose for Elementary OS to boot straight in without requiring a password but I do not recommend doing this. It is much better to leave the default selection which is to require a password to log in.

Click “Continue”.

After the files have been installed you will be asked to restart your computer to boot into Elementary OS.