How To Create A MX Linux USB Drive


In this guide I will show you how to create a bootable MX Linux USB drive.

MX Linux

MX Linux was created as a joint venture between the AntiX and MEPIS communities. It is currently very popular and is riding high at position 4 in the Distrowatch rankings.

According to the website MX Linux is a mid-weight operating system which means it uses less resources than the likes of Linux Mint and Ubuntu but more than the lightweight alternatives such as Lubuntu.

You will need

  1. A blank USB drive
  2. An internet connection
  3. Etcher (downloaded as part of this guide)


  1. Download MX Linux
  2. Download Etcher
  3. Run Etcher
  4. Create bootable USB drive using Etcher

Get MX Linux

Download MX Linux

The first thing you need to do is download MX Linux.

Visit the MX Linux website at

There are two ways to download MX Linux:

  1. Direct download
  2. Torrent

For this guide I will show you how to do the direct download method.

On the download page there is a link to

This page provides a list of locations to download the MX Linux ISO. Choose the country nearest to where you are currently residing and click on the relevant version (x86 for 32-bit or x64 for 64-bit).

At this point the MX Linux ISO should start to download.


Etcher is a great tool for creating bootable Linux USB drives and it works on both Linux and Windows.

To download Etcher visit

The download link on the Etcher website will vary depending on your operating system but should automatically default to the correct one.

Click on the download link to download Etcher.

Run Etcher

If you are using Windows you can run Etcher simply by double clicking on the downloaded file. If you are using Linux you will need to open the zip file and extract the Etcher.appimage file and then click on it.

Create The MX Linux USB Drive

  1. Insert a blank USB drive into your computer
  2. click on the “Select Image” button within Etcher
  3. Locate the downloaded MX Linux ISO file
  4. Click Select drive
  5. Choose the blank USB drive
  6. Click Flash

When you click Flash the ISO image will be copied to the blank USB drive and then the image will be verified.

Booting Into A Live Version Of MX Linux

Manufacturer Boot Keys

  1. Make sure the MX Linux USB drive is inserted into the computer.
  2. Reboot your computer and press the relevant boot key to enter the boot menu.(The above image gives the relevant key to use for some of the most popular computer makes. If your computer isn’t listed search Google for the boot key for your particular make and model)
  3. When the boot menu appears choose your USB drive as the drive to boot from
  4. Your computer should now boot into a live version of MX Linux