How To Install Manjaro Linux

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Manjaro Linux is currently the most popular Linux distribution according to the Distrowatch rankings.

In this guide I will take you through the steps of replacing your current operating system with Manjaro Linux.

How to get Manjaro Linux

You can download Manjaro Linux fromĀ

Get Manjaro

There are a number of versions available all with different desktop environments including KDE, XFCE and GNOME.

If you prefer to use a different desktop environment such as Cinnamon or Budgie then you can visit the communities page where you will be able to choose from many other flavours of Manjaro.

When you have decided on the version you wish to use click on the direct download link. If you look at the image above you will see Manjaro Gnome edition and just under the words “Direct Download” there is a link for “Manjaro Gnome”. Clicking on this link will download an ISO image which you can then install onto a USB drive.

Click here for a guide showing how to create a bootable Manjaro Linux USB drive which can then be used to install Manjaro onto your hard drive.

You can of course buy a copy of Manjaro on DVD or USB by clicking on this link. DVDs cost $5.95 and you can choose any version available from the Manjaro website including KDE, GNOME, Cinnamon, XFCE, Deepin, MATE, LXDE and Budgie. USB drives cost $14.95.

This guide will show you how to install Manjaro GNOME edition but the other versions are fairly similar.

How To Install Manjaro Linux

Boot into Manjaro Linux by plugging in the USB drive or by inserting the DVD and pressing the relevant boot key menu for your make and model of computer.

Manufacturer Boot Keys

Before starting the installer you need to connect to the internet. If you are using an ethernet connection you should already be connected but if you are using WIFI click on the network icon at the top right corner of the screen and choose the “select network” option.

Connecting to the internet

Click on the network you wish to connect to and then enter the password if one is required.

Start installation

To start the actual installation process click on the “Launch Installer” icon on the welcome screen.

Installation language

The Manjaro installer is fairly Linear. You can see a list down the left side of the screen and these are the stages you will go through in order to install Manjaro. The first step is to choose the language for the installer.

Choose your language from the dropdown and click next.

Choose location

The second step gets you to choose your location. This will define the timezone of your computer and set the clock to the correct time. Click on the map or choose the region and timezones from the lists provided.

You can also choose the language for your system and the numbers and dates locale.

In the majority of cases your location and language will already be set to the correct values but if they aren’t change them and click “next”.

Keyboard layouts

You will now be required to choose your keyboard layout. By default your keyboard language will default to one that Manjaro’s installer has determined to be the correct one. You can test the layout by typing into the box provided.

If the layout is incorrect choose the language in the left panel and then the exact layout in the right panel.

Click “Next”.

Where to install Manjaro

The partitions screen lets you choose where you wish to install Manjaro. Options include “install alongside”, “replace a partition”, “erase disk” or “manual partitioning”.

If you wish to dual boot with Windows you can choose the install alongside option and then you will choose the partition you wish to shrink in order to install Manjaro. If you want to replace a partition on your drive with Manjaro then choose the “Replace a partition” option and then choose the partition you wish to replace.

To make Manjaro the only operating system on your drive click the “Erase disk” option and click “Next”.

Now you need to create the default user.

Enter your name, the username and a name for your computer.

You can now enter the password you wish to use for that user and a confirmation password.

In addition to the default user password you can enter a different password for the administrator and confirm it. However if you want the administrator password to be the same as the user password click on the “use the same password for the administrator account” option.

If you want the computer to automatically log in check the box provided.

You will now see a summary of what will happen when you click on the install button including the partitions that will be replaced, the location settings and the keyboard settings.

Note: this is the point of no return. make sure that you have backed up any important files before continuing

When you click on “Install” you are given one final chance to go back. If you are sure you want to continue click “Install now”.

The files will now be copied to your computer. When the installation has finished, reboot and remove the USB drive.

When the machine boots next time it will boot into Manjaro.