How To Install Linux Mint 19

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This guide shows you how to install Linux Mint 19 on your computer, replacing whichever operating system you currently have installed.

If you want to ditch Windows this is how to do it.

Create The Linux Mint USB Drive

Etcher creating a Linux Mint USB drive

Before you can install Linux Mint you need to create a bootable Linux USB drive. Click here to find out how.

How To Install Linux Mint

Install Linux Mint 19

Boot into Linux Mint by plugging in your USB drive and selecting the relevant key on your computer to bring up the boot menu.

Manufacturer Boot Keys

Double click on the “Install Linux Mint” icon on the desktop.

Choose Linux Mint Installation Language

Step 1 – Choose your installation language and click continue

Linux Mint - Choose keyboard layout

Step 2 – Choose your keyboard layout and click continue

Most of the time the correct selection has already been made but if it hasn’t select the language of your keyboard in the left panel and then choose the type of keyboard in the right panel.

You can test the layout by typing text into the box where it says “Type here to test your keyboard”.

The “Detect keyboard layout” button will attempt to select the correct keyboard layout.

Linux Mint - Install 3rd Party tools

Step 3 – Choose whether to install 3rd party software and click continue

99.99% of the time you will want this option to be ticked as it means you will be able to watch Flash video and more importantly play MP3 audio files. It also installs graphics drivers for your NVidia cards.

Choose where to install Linux Mint

Step 4 – Choose where to install Linux Mint and click Install Now

If you have another operating system already installed you get the option to install Linux Mint alongside that operating system but to completely replace the operating system you should choose “Erase disk and install Linux Mint”. Dual booting is a waste of disk space.

Note that there is an option for encrypting the installation, this is not covered in this guide nor is the use LVM option or the something else option. A further guide will delve deeper into these options.

Install Linux Mint point of no return

Step 5 – Make sure you are happy with your decision to install Linux Mint, this is the point of no return. Click continue

Linux Mint - choose timezone

Step 6 – Choose your location and click continue

This step basically makes sure that your clock is set correctly. You can either click your timezone on the map or search for where you live in the box provided.

Install Linux Mint - Create A User

Step 7 – Create a user and click continue

To create a user enter your name and give your computer a name. You can also choose a username (it doesn’t have to be the same as your name).

Enter a password and repeat it in the confirm your password box.

You can choose to log in automatically or require your password to login. Personally I always recommend choosing the “Require my password to log in” otherwise anyone can access your computer as you.

The encrypt my home folder option encrypts the home folder which is the same as the My Documents section within Windows. This will make all of your data secure. Note that there are downsides to encrypting your home folder that aren’t covered in this guide.

Wait as Linux Mint installs

Restart your computer to use Linux Mint

Linux Mint will finish copying the files and the system will be installed. Click “Restart Now”

Remove the installation media

After rebooting there is just one more step – remove the USB drive and click Enter