How To Install Zorin OS Linux

Zorin OS
Zorin OS


In this guide I will show you how to install Zorin OS Linux on your computer.


In order to install Zorin OS you should follow these guides first:

You will need to a bootable Zorin USB drive in order to install Zorin onto your computer. You can follow the guide linked above or buy one from here.

I absolutely implore you to back up your current operating system and all of your files before attempting to install Linux. You will save yourself countless hours should the regrettable happen.

You only need to follow the guide to dual booting Windows and Linux if you wish to dual boot. If you want to install Zorin as the only operating system on the computer then you can just read on.

How To Boot Into Zorin

I have copied this section from the “How to create a bootable Zorin OS USB drive” article to save you having to remember how to boot into Zorin OS.

On older computers simply insert the USB drive and restart the computer. The boot menu for Zorin should appear straight away.

On modern computers insert the USB drive, restart the computer and before Windows loads press the appropriate function key to bring up the boot menu.

The following list shows the key or keys you can press for the most popular computer manufacturers.

  • Acer – Escape, F12, F9
  • Asus – Escape, F8
  • Compaq – Escape, F9
  • Dell – F12
  • Emachines – F12
  • HP – Escape, F9
  • Intel – F10
  • Lenovo – F8, F10, F12
  • Packard Bell – F8
  • Samsung – Escape, F12
  • Sony – F10, F11
  • Toshiba – F12

Check the manufacturer’s website to find the key for your computer if it isn’t listed or keep trying different function keys or the escape key.

A screen will appear with the following three options:

  1. Try Zorin OS without Installing
  2. Install Zorin OS
  3. Check disc for defects

Choose “Try Zorin OS without Installing” by pressing enter with that option selected.

How To Install Zorin

When the Zorin OS desktop loads click on the “install” icon in the top left corner.

Install Zorin - Welcome Screen
Install Zorin – Welcome Screen

The first screen lets you choose the installation language used for taking you through the install.

Choose your language and click “Continue”.

Install Zorin - Wireless
Install Zorin – Wireless

If your computer is plugged in using an ethernet cable then the above screen will not appear but nowadays most people connect to the internet using a wireless connection.

If you connect to a wireless network, Zorin updates as the installation occurs which means you get the very latest version of Zorin from the outset.

If you choose not to connect at this stage then your version of Zorin is as up to date as the version of the ISO image uploaded to the website.

To connect to a wireless network, choose the network and enter the password in the box provided and then press “Connect” to continue.

If you choose “I don’t want to connect to a wi-fi network right now” click “Continue”.

Install Zorin - Prepare To Install
Install Zorin – Prepare To Install

You now have two options available:

  1. Download updates while installing Zorin
  2. Install third-party software for graphics and WI-FI hardware, Flash, MP3 and other media

The “Download updates while installing Zorin” option is only available if you are connected to the internet.

The third party software will enable you to use the proprietary graphics card drivers for your computer, enable you to play MP3 audio and allow you to use Flash.

I recommend leaving both options checked.

Click “Continue”.

Install Zorin - Installation Type
Install Zorin – Installation Type

If you have space available on your computer you can install Zorin alongside Windows. You can also choose to install Zorin on its own, replacing Windows by choosing the “Erase disk and install Zorin”.

The “something else” option enables you to resize partitions and create your own partition layout.

If you want to have Windows and Zorin available choose “Install Zorin alongside Windows Boot Manager”.

If you want Zorin to be the only operating system choose “Erase disk and install Zorin”.

Click “Install Now”.

Install Zorin - Where Are You
Install Zorin – Where Are You

A map of the world will be displayed and it is separated into timezones. The timezone you are in should be automatically selected. If it isn’t you can click the relevant location on the map or type in your location into the box provided.

Click “Continue”.

Install Zorin - Keyboard Layout
Install Zorin – Keyboard Layout

You can now choose your keyboard layout. The correct layout should automatically be detected and you can test this out by entering text into the box provided. Try special keys such as the $, @ and other symbols.

If your layout is incorrect click on the “detect keyboard layout” button and try the test again.

If your layout is still incorrect choose your keyboard’s language from the list on the left and choose the layout from the box on the right.

Click “Continue”.

Install Zorin - Who Are You
Install Zorin – Who Are You

The final step is to set up a user.

Enter your name and a name for your computer, then enter your desired username and a password.

(you have to confirm the password to make sure you typed what you thought you typed, if the password and confirmation password is different you will be asked to re-enter them until they are the same).

You have the option to log in automatically or require a password to log in. I recommend always choosing the “Require my password to log in”.

Click “Continue”.

Install Zorin - Restart
Install Zorin – Restart

Zorin will continue to install and when it is finished a message will appear asking you whether you want to keep using the live version or whether you want to restart the computer to login to the installed version of Zorin.

Click “Restart Now”.

You will be asked to remove the USB drive and this point. Remove the drive and press the return key.

Your computer will reboot and you will see a new menu where you can choose to boot into Zorin. If you have decided to dual boot with Windows you will also see “Windows boot manager”.


If your computer boots straight to Windows 10 and there is no sign of Zorin then follow this guide which shows how to amend the boot order.



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