Everyday Linux User Is Back And The World Is In Meltdown

Ubuntu 17.10
Ubuntu 17.10 before it was pulled

After taking most of 2017 off from the world of Linux, Everyday Linux User is making a comeback and can I say what a time it is to do so.

The IT world is in chaos.

In October I installed the latest version of Ubuntu and it has completely changed. Unity is no longer the default desktop environment.

I have to say the decision to switch to Gnome was a great decision and Ubuntu 17.10 looked to have been heading in the right direction and could actually have been the best version I have used in years.

Alas, Ubuntu 17.10 is currently not in a good place.

In the past few weeks news broke that Ubuntu 17.10 could kill the BIOS on Lenovo laptops. I have a Lenovo laptop but luckily I installed Ubuntu 17.10 on my Dell instead. Had I installed Ubuntu on my Lenovo then it could have become an expensive brick.

The Ubuntu download for 17.10 has been pulled and will not be available until the kernel has been patched and fixed.

Ubuntu 17.10 removed
Ubuntu 17.10 takedown notice

If that was not enough of a let down, the news has broke this week that there are two new super bugs called Spectre and Meltdown.

The upshot of this is that my Lenovo machine is likely to run much slower for certain tasks in the future as the patch to fix the issues will provide a performance hit.

This is not a Linux issue, it is a CPU issue and as such it affects every operating system. It doesn’t just affect Intel chips either, it affects AMD and ARM as well, so our phones, tablets and laptops are all affected as well.

Meltdown and Spectre Bugs Affects All Computers

So where do we go from here?

Well this year sees the launch of the latest Ubuntu LTS release and once the kernel is fixed it looks like Ubuntu could be a much better operating system than the 16.04 release currently on offer.

I have spent most of 2017 using Zorin OS and for many average computer users this will be a great solution and in an upcoming review I will show you the benefits of using Zorin. It is currently my main operating system.

The issues with Intel, AMD and ARM will go away as have all the previous issues that have cropped up over the past few years. You can panic and worry about the future but I prefer to be positive.

The best ploy is to keep your operating systems up to date, read the news and follow the advice of experts.

As for Everyday Linux User, I aim to go back to reviewing the best distributions Linux has to offer as well as providing the latest installation guides, dual boot guides, how-to articles, product and application reviews. I also aim to create more video tutorials.

You can now access Everyday Linux User by visiting www.everydaylinuxuser.com or www.dailylinuxuser.com.


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