Enlightenment. Is There Life After Bodhi?

Last week saw the latest release of the Bodhi Linux distribution. In the past Bodhi has been the flag bearer for the Enlightenment desktop environment but the latest version uses a new desktop environment called Moksha.

Technically speaking of course, Moksha isn’t really new. It is a fork of the Enlightenment desktop from version E17.

The Bodhi website made the announcement about the intended move to Moksha in April of this year so in fact this news isn’t exactly new either.

Without Bodhi, Enlightenment isn’t really used by many other Linux distributions. Most of the major distributions have Enlightenment available for installation but how many people install a new desktop environment over the one that is installed by default?

The following table has been taken from the Enlightenment website and it shows the distributions that have Enlightenment available within their repositories along with the version number.

As you can see Enlightenment is available within Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and openSUSE but look at the version numbers. Only Fedora and openSUSE have up to date versions running E19. All of the other major distributions are stuck at version E17. It is worth pointing out that Arch and Gentoo also have up to date versions but they aren’t really distributions for the Everyday Linux User.

Bodhi has always done a great job of packaging Enlightenment in a way that makes it behave and look really good.

I really like the Enlightenment desktop environment.It probably isn’t for everyone but having spent a while using it I have become accustomed to its little quirks.

I would say the biggest issue I have with it is the lack of documentation, especially user documentation. There are so many features that have little to no clarity as to what their intended uses are.

If Bodhi is going to go in its own direction with the Moksha desktop environment then I think this leaves a gap for another distribution to step in and make Enlightenment its own. I worry that without a distribution providing a focus for Enlightenment that it may fade into obscurity.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be installing the various distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and openSUSE to see just what kind of experience the user gets when they install Enlightenment.

I will also be trying out the latest version of MacPUP and the ELive distribution which also use the Enlightenment desktop although both versions are stuck at E17.

Have you ever installed another desktop environment replacing the one that is installed by default? Which desktop environment did you choose and why? Have you ever tried Enlightenment? What was your opinion of it? Do you think Enlightenment has a future beyond Bodhi?

Thankyou for reading.


    • Sounds like you aren't much of a fan of Bodhi. Enlightenment is an acquired taste but once you get used it there are some nice touches. There do appear to be lots of undocumented features. By the way, glad to see you are backing writing on your own blog again.

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