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Spoiler alert. This article has nothing to do with Linux.

This is a review of the game “Goodgame Empire” which is a free online strategy game that you can play in your browser or via your Android phone.

Goodgame Empire is about building up a medieval village by expanding a settlement, building battlements, adding buildings, building up armies and collecting taxes.
You start off with a small settlement and through various tutorials expand the settlement by adding buildings and troops.

The game is multifaceted. Your job is to make sure that your villagers are happy and that your village remains guarded against enemy attacks.

You can add more troops and add buildings to help train the troops and then set about attacking other villages controlled by other players.















Planning attacks involves building up and placing troops and choosing whether to attack head on or outflank the opposition.

You have different types of warrior to help you attack enemy villages and they must be placed wisely to prevent annihilation.

The game isn’t all about attacking other villages though. You have to keep the villagers happy and that is achieved by adding decorative features and keeping them well fed.

In order to be able to afford new troops, food and decorative features you have to earn money. You can earn money by adding new buildings where people can settle and then collect taxes from those people.

The game starts off quite slowly as you learn all of the features but once you get into it becomes quite addictive.

Goodgame Empire is free to play.

Click here to play.


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