What has happened to Chakra?


I was reading through the Reddit articles on the Linux sub-reddit this morning and somebody was asking what has happened to the Chakra website.

By all accounts there has been an issue with the hosting provider. I am posting this information here to hopefully help spread the word.

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Status Update

You can read the information supplied on this page at http://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/20qjjp/has_something_happened_to_chakra/ and https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/chakra-devel/kyIIchhPUxs/e64x_vOeABEJ.

The following text is taken from the Google groups page:

Hello again,
I tried making a summary of the current situation below and will post any
updates with follow up emails to keep everyone informed.
the bad news. It looks like the scenario we were afraid of happened. =(
The hosting provider must have shut down the server cause it wasn’t
paid by Manuel. Unfortunately we could not do anything about this since
the account was on Manuel’s name, no-one else had access to it and he
hasn’t been reachable for some time now. In that regard, I hope he is
doing well.
tried to contact the spanish host in the recent past so he could pay
for the server to remain up but that did not work out either. He tried
to reach them again today, we will see how this one goes.
good news is, we expected this would happen sooner or later, so we have
recently purchased a new server with a new host. We have also
registered the “chakraos.org” domain name. Totte had already started
working on setting this up and planning the roadmap for the move but
there is still work to be done. Hopefully he will be able to get at
least the main page and the forums up in the following days.
systems should not be affected by this. Unfortunately their next
updates will be delayed, and we can’t offer any support through the
forums. For important issues one could ask on the mailing lists or the
social networks accounts.
This is a temporary blackout for Chakra, but it’s also a start of a new level of organization, through which these kind of issues will be avoided.
Neophytos (tetris4)


The upshot appears to be that there is a problem with the hosting and this is in the process of being resolved.

It is probably worth keeping an eye on the linked articles above to see if there are further updates.

If I find out anything new then I will post it here.

Thankyou for reading.

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