My beginners guide to Ubuntu – now on special promotion


In January I released From Windows To Ubuntu which is a beginners guide to Ubuntu for people coming from the Windows operating system.

For those of you who were tempted but not quite sure about whether to buy the book I have now set up an Amazon countdown deal which means for the next 48 hours you can get the book for less than a bag of chips.

The book covers everything from buying a computer pre-installed with Ubuntu to downloading and installing it yourself. (Including how to dual boot with Windows).

Beyond the installation there is a full guide of the Unity desktop including a detailed description of the launcher and the Dash.

The guide includes a cheat sheet with all the key commands you could possibly need for navigating the Unity desktop.

There are tutorials showing how to use LibreOffice, how to import and play music and how to use the Ubuntu One service.

If you are new to Ubuntu then you really are getting a bargain at the Amazon Countdown Deal price.

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