Top 10 Tips For Beginning Linux


Most of the time when I write articles on this blog I will have planned them out and worked out when and how I will publish them. (I know some of you might be thinking “Really?”).

Occasionally though a nugget drops straight into your inbox and you really don’t need to put much thought into it at all. Today is one of those days.

Earlier this week I received an email containing a link to a very interesting video, from Steve Barth, who produces videos for CBT Nuggets.
The video linked below is split into two main sections.

In the first part there is an overview of what Linux actually is, from Shawn Powers, who is a trainer for CBT Nuggets.

The second part of the video has 10 points which give an overview of the things that make up a Linux based operating system and how best to try it out.

It really is an overview but a good place to start.

After you have watched the video check out these links for more help:

In addition to the above links check out the reviews page above and the tutorials page.

I am also currently writing a series of articles about how to install Linux for the complete beginner on older computers running Windows XP and Vista. I will let you know more about that in the future.

CBT Nuggets – Top 10 Tips For Beginning Linux

You can also watch this video on Youtube at and you can download from the Apple iTunes store at

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  1. As someone who finally made the switch to Linux (Linuxmint) last year after buying a Win 8 laptop (thanks Microsoft for being so bad) it's plain to see why Linux isn't much more popular as a desktop system – lack of inexpensive, pre-installed Linux machines. Most people cannot do the necessary pay the Microsoft tax and then install Linux (the only way to get a cheap Linux system). What is needed is for some daring entrepreneur (or even company – Canonical are you listening) to enter the low end market with pre-installed Linux machines. By the way, I'll never go back to proprietary operating systems again – Linux is an order of magnitude better than either Microsoft or Apple.

    • The desktop is a different breed than a server and after many attempts of trying to get people to use it throughout the years you realize it's just not worth the effort. It's not that's it's too complicated, it's that there's too many variables and inevitably they try to install a piece of hardware, or just to get a piece of software, that's not compatible. Linux would do well in a controlled environment though (like an office) where there's IT guys who can plan around it.

  2. I have to say, the title is quite misleading, I would think that all of the 10 tips for beginning linux are quite involved and they just might scare the newcomers away. I would think it is a great way to introduce the OSs to someone who has already been using linux and wants to know a bit more about "under the hood".

    In any case, cudos for promoting my favourite IT tool to date, keep it up

  3. Well, I really like to say that your article contains such great info, what I am really looking now. Some of main factors which I really likes are :-

    1. Because it's really easy to install
    2. Because it's really easy to learn to use
    3. Because it's stable
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