From Windows To Ubuntu


In the past couple of years I have written a number of tutorials showing how to do various things with Ubuntu Linux.

The take up on these articles is usually very high but in order for people to find the articles they are either searching Google and clicking through or they are running searches through the search bar in the top right corner of this page.
I try and add related links to the end of each article and I even started a new Ubuntu based blog to have a place to write Ubuntu only articles. I have fallen behind on that site and I haven’t written an article there for a while.
To make it easier for everyone who wants to read my Ubuntu based articles and tutorials I have formatted them, rewritten them and added extra content which has resulted in the eBook “From Windows To Ubuntu”.
The book isn’t massive like a SAMS guide so it isn’t going to take you forever to read it but there is certainly a lot of content.
If you want to know how to buy a computer with Ubuntu already installed or you want to try Ubuntu out first without messing up your Windows installation, “From Windows To Ubuntu” includes sections for buying laptops, installing to DVD (with or without persistence), installing to USB, using Virtual Box and dual booting with Windows (including Windows 8 and EFI).
For those of you who have never used Ubuntu before there is a complete tour and guides about the launcher and the Dash as well as a formatted set of keyboard shortcuts.
The guide shows how to connect to the internet, how to install Flash, how to set up printers, how to set up email and how to install applications.
If you want to know how to convert CDs to MP3 and then listen to them in the audio player (Rhythmbox) then you will find chapters showing just how to do that and how to copy the files to your MP3 player.
For those of you who need a replacement for Microsoft Office there is a full overview on the features of LibreOffice including how to use wizards and templates, mail merge and how to create presentations.
The eBook is very competitively priced and is also available to borrow from Amazon in Kindle format. 

Click here to buy the eBook “From Windows To Ubuntu”

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  1. I like the short but, to the point perspective. I been using ubuntu mostly as a fallback although there is a trend of distro hopping that I do try different linux OSes.Today I am using Ultimate Edition 3.4 mostly because of the special effects yet, the other reason is w.i.n.e. and many other apps pre-installed.Personally I think it is made for developers cause it has developer apps.What I really want to try is puppy & debian 7 I am a Gnome 2 fan so you know don't like kde too much, too much work involved.

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