Would an operating system with a political agenda put you off using it?

My review of antiX has caused a small amount of controversy.

An anonymous user left a comment stating that in a previous version of antiX the default browser had links to nazi websites.

The comment was jumped upon by a number of readers who stated that this user was ill-informed.

I opened a browser today within antiX and checked the bookmarks provided and here are the list of links that are included

I have been asked to remove the comment but I have declined to do so. My personal view is that everybody has had a chance to have their say and it is for each person to make up their own mind with regards to the validity of the claims.

The point of this article is not to question whether antiX has fascist links but to question why there are politically motivated links in the bookmarks section at all.

The comments about nazi leanings may be factually incorrect but the
developer has left the operating system open to criticism by providing
the links in the first place.

The antiX operating system worked very well for me and I gave it a good review but my question to you is:

Would the inclusion of politically linked propaganda put you off using an operating system? 


  1. No it wouldn't. But I would probably remove all the links, since politics is not my thing really. Of course these days such an OS could come under the radar of NSA and other European spooks but that happens with Windows too so…

  2. From what I see of the bookmarked sites, IMO, more are left leaning to the point of communism. Certainly not pro-Nazi. Be aware that Nazism was also a left leaning party with a heavy doses of nationalism and totalitarianism. Nazism was all about conforming to the state-run consensus, no deviation, no dissent. See the Wiki page for a fuller explanation.

    It has an Anti-Zionist and pro Arab in its pick of bookmarked sites – this does not mean it is Nazi, it merely means it is not pro Zionism. So what?

    If some find this distro too much for their sensitivities to tolerate then leave it alone but please allow it to be reviewed on its merit as a Linux distro, and not as a political opinion piece.
    Would I use a distro that has a political edge?
    Depends on how forthright the politics is – overall probably not if it were too strong. This distro is hardly ramming it at you as the bookmarks are easily removed.

  3. There are too many niches within an OS that may compromise my security or confidentiality, even with OS's without political agendas. I ain't going to tempt my fate with an OS known to have one.

  4. As if other OSs aren't loaded with their own versions of the same crap. Recently had the misfortune to use Win8: loaded with adverts and corporate spam. And Android itself is one big fat surveillance machine for the Google-Borg. Shrug. AntiX at least has some links to some interesting reading.

  5. I love AntiX 13.2. Did not agree with most of the bookmarks. But I always replace the bookmarks in a distro with a backup anyway (Iceweasel and Dillo in this case). The more proper place for these links would have been on the guy's web site.

  6. Like the above poster mentioned, it's rather easy to simply delete the bookmarks and press on.

    However since I now know the creator of the distro's politics, I'm less likely to financially support it. But at least he's picked a side.

    The beauty of Linux is that there are plenty of other distro's to look at.

  7. I'm a little late to the party, but yes, indeed- Marxist propaganda has turned me off from using AntiX- which is a shame, because it is indeed a very nice OS, and amazing for it's tiny size. As a Ron Paul libertarian, I just can't stand the thought of supporting something which unashamedly declares philosophies which are diametrically opposed to my own; just as i abhorred Microsoft products because of that companies philosophies and practices. And I would have more respect for this "Anticapitalista" guy and his followers, if they would at least own-up to what they stand for, instead of acting all offended and insulted when we point out what they indeed are! (I get the same flack as the author of this article when I mention AntiX's Marxism on Linux forums.] Hey, AntiX would make a great OS for Obama, though!

    • I will admit that I don't think it is ideal to have political propaganda incorporated in a distro. It doesn't really matter what you stand for. It just doesn't feel like the right platform for pushing politics

  8. The often made association between free software and extreme left doesn't make much sense to me. There is nothing inherently anti-capitalist or communist about the development of free software. If anything, this model of development speaks about individual freedoms, particularly about the right to access, modify and distribute information. This is perfectly compatible with a classic liberal framework (to which, incidentally, I am personally attached).

    While I use Antix 13.2 on an ancient Celeron M 1.5Ghz / 1Gb RAM laptop, I disliked the inclusion of the political bookmarks and I deleted them swiftly.

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