Inside Everyday Linux User – A review of October 2013


This is just a quick post to highlight all the articles that were released in October on Everyday Linux User.

A Review of Knoppix 7.2

On the 2nd October I wrote a review for Knoppix 7.2 which is a live distribution. Knoppix is a good distribution to keep on a USB drive and can be used for troubleshooting broken operating systems, playing games or general web surfing.

Linux Hoodies and Goodies

This article just highlights a few of the Linux based clothing items available on Amazon.

12 Great Linux Based Operating Systems For Netbooks

Quite often you will read an article called “Top 10 Linux Distros” or “5 Best Gnome Based Distros” etc.

I think that the choice of a distro is purely subjective and so rather than write an article called “The 10 Best Linux Based Operating Systems For Netbooks” I simply wrote an article listing 12 great operating systems.

Keep up to date with Linux by subscribing to Linux based blogs

This article provides a link to an OPML file that I created which contains links to all the best Linux based blogs.

Open the OMPL file in any blog reader and you are instantly updated with all the articles for all the blogs.

A review of OS4

OS4 is a Linux distribution based on Xubuntu which gives a few added extras such as a Commodore Amiga emulator pre-installed.

Read the OS4 review by clicking this link.

Everybody is talking about Ubuntu

After just a few hours of the release of Ubuntu 13.10 there were a host of articles related to the subject of Saucy Salamander.

This article gives a quick round up of the articles released on the same day as Ubuntu 13.10.

Click here to read the article.

Stress Testing Linux Web Servers

This was a guest post by Rachel Gillevet highlighting some of the tools available for stress testing Linux web servers.

A review of Lubuntu 13.10

Last week I reviewed Lubuntu 13.10 on my Acer Aspire One netbook. The performance was great and I really liked using Lubuntu but it wasn’t without it’s quirks.


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