What qualifications do you need to get on in the world of IT?


This article isn’t particularly related to Linux.

I received an email from Xavier Gray who is a researcher for OEDB.org. OEDB.org is a careers database which enables you to look at a long list of professions in order to work out the skills and qualifications you will need.

The area of the site I checked out was the computer sciences section.

Computer Science Careers

You can view the computer sciences section by visiting http://oedb.org/careers/computer-science/.

The top half of the page gives an introduction about computer science, telling you what you can expect to be paid when working in IT and the job prospects for finding working in the computer sciences sectors.

The interesting part however is at the bottom of the page. There is a list of 10 different job titles which links to a sub page telling you what the job entails and the qualifications you might need.

  • Computer and Informations Systems Manager
  • Computer support specialist
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrator
  • Computer Hardware Engineer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Database Administrator
  • Software Engineer

The site is US based and so the qualifications required are really only relevant to working in the USA.

The bit that will interest most people is the financial aspect.

The chart above comes from the “Software Developer” page and shows that job growth is good and the average salary is better than the national average.

The site may well be useful to those of you looking to get into the computer sciences arena, or indeed any other job sector as computer sciences is just one area of the site. If you want to become a chef then there is a section on that too.

Thankyou for reading.


  1. Web and mobile applications is a hot market. Jobs are changing in terms of the nature of the skills which are required.

    Graduates who do not expect to need web skills are finding that they are essential for success in lots of different fields that rely on desktop computers. There are less boundaries now between people who make a living developing apps and those who may develop an app in their particular field in order to meet some need.

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