Is Everyday Linux User top blog?

The people over at Foss Force are running a poll to find out who the top FOSS blogger is.

The poll has been based over three rounds. The first round was an open poll with 9 named blogs and a field to enter a.n.other blog of your choice.

The results of the first poll were used to list the top 20 blogs which were then entered into round 2. It was at this stage that Everyday Linux User entered the competition.

We are now at the third and final stage and this is the first time I have actually mentioned the poll on this site.

There are 10 blogs left and just 4 days in which to vote for your favourite blog.

If you like this blog please consider giving it a vote by visiting

Thankyou for reading.


  1. Actually I want to ask you to suggest me an xfce/ kde based slackware distro plz note that I dont want (salix/slackel/vector)also want to install on my hard disk has goood battery life on laptop and wifi drivers easily available as I had atheros wifi card and easy to use and it comes with grub/grub2 bootloader.

    Also wanna ask you since I am not a programmer a novice user is linux from scratch suitable to learn building my own distro .

    • In theory if you aren't a programmer you can still do Linux From Scratch but there are better starting points. If you want to start your own distro you should consider your motives for doing so. If it is for learning purposes then consider using one of the respin packages like Ubuntu Construction Kit or the SuseStudio. Then try doing something like starting from a minimal Debian distro and build it up into a decent distro. Then try installing Arch and building that up. I think Linux From Scratch is good but it helps if you can get a good understanding of Linux to start with.

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