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I have used 33 different Linux distributions in the past year but whilst writing an updated review for Ubuntu 13.04 I realised that I am so happy with the new version I don’t want to distrohop anymore.

I have decided that Unity is not the 2 headed beast that so many people say that it is. I find it so easy to navigate that I don’t feel the need to customise my distribution to within an inch of its life.
With this in mind I have decided to change focus and write solely about Ubuntu. Now I could not do that on this blog as this blog is about Linux in general so I have created a brand new blog called “My Ubuntu Blog” (
If you like my style of writing and you are interested in Ubuntu then feel free to come along and subscribe to the new blog.
The Everyday Linux User blog will remain in place but will be less about reviews and more about how to guides, news, comment and other interesting Linux articles that I find along the way.

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