5 must read Linux Blogs


I like to update this blog as much as I can but a lot of this blog is based on reviews of Linux distributions.

To be able to give a distribution enough time to give it a real go I like to have it installed for at least 5 days and so reviews are usually written once a week.

I thought therefore that I would share some of the other blogs that I read and that I think you may find interesting.

Linux Notes From Dark Duck

The reviews on Everyday Linux User are all based on full installs.

Linux Notes From Dark Duck reviews live distributions.

The importance of a live install is that it gives you the first impression of a distribution.

The live distribution can be thought of as sales pitch and also the testing ground of a distribution.

If you have problems with the wireless connection in the live version then there is a good chance you will have a problem after the full install. By fixing the issue in the live version you will know what to do when you install for real.

Linux Notes From Dark Duck has been on a bit of a hiatus in terms of regular reviews but it does have a lot of guest posts and on top of this competitions.

You can either benefit from entering one of the competitions or you can read the content that is generated from the competitions or any one of the guest posters.

Linux Notes From Dark Duck has in the past had a number of guest interviews. If you have the time visit the site and look through the archives.

The style of the site is unique and a good read.


The reviews on Everyday Linux User attempt to be informative and the focus isn’t on being negative to any one distribution.

If there is a problem with a distribution I will highlight it and I will also offer a solution if I know of one.

The reviews at Dedoimedo are different in that they are completely open and they provide a real critique into the Linux distributions that are reviewed. There is no pandering and no holes barred.

I find this blog is incredibly entertaining.

Desktop Linux Reviews

For a really in depth review of a Linux distribution read the reviews at Desktop Linux Reviews.

The reviews are very well written and give a full insight into the distribution that is being reviewed.

When I first started out on this blog I received a comment on a forum somewhere that said about the post I had just written “He is no Jim Lynch”. Ever since that day I looked for Jim Lynch’s work and I have read it and I aspire to be as good as Jim Lynch.

Das U-Blog by Prashanth

This blog is written in a different way to most Linux blogs in that to review a particular distribution Prashanth installs the distribution and sits on it for a set amount of time.

After the time period has ended Prashanth will write a post stating what he did on each day and will list the problems that were faced and how they were overcome.

You may not always get a full description of a distribution in this way but if you match the reviews from other blogs with the experiences on Das U-Blog then you can get a feel for how the distribution will work for you.

Thoughts On Technology

This blog is written by Jeff Hoogland who is the main man behind the Bodhi Linux distribution.

There are a few things I like about this blog. Jeff is a very likeable person and if you have ever used Bodhi Linux you will appreciate all the work that has gone into it.

Jeff is very approachable and will answer questions about Bodhi and also pitches in on all manner of topics regarding Linux.

Jeff is clearly knowledgeable about Linux and writes from the perspective of a distro developer.

And For Comedy Value….

Linux Hater’s Blog

Now obviously I love Linux otherwise I wouldn’t spend so much time using it, trying out different distributions and writing about it.

The guy that writes this blog claims to hate it. The odd thing is that he seems to know so much about Linux that he must have used it for quite some time.

There haven’t been many posts recently but read through the archives in your lunch hour. If nothing else you will probably find it amusing.

And where there is a Ying…. there must be a yang

Windows Hater’s Blog

Unfortunately there are only a couple of posts and they were in 2008 and to be honest not particularly funny.

I Hate Windows

This blog is a little more interesting but again hasn’t been updated in so much time.

Maybe everyone just started hating this instead….


This blog is much more up to date and has quite a few followers. Still not as funny as the Linux Hater’s blog though.


The internet is full of good reading.

This site is updated regularly and if you want to know exactly when it is updated why not subscribe.

Thankyou for reading.


  1. Using Linux is a love/hate relation but, in general what I have learned from the community is that we users are part of the solution which is generally shared. Problems are reported to developers to fix but, also if one is gifted with the knowledge of code they contribute. Complaints are like bad smells why would you share that? Share milk drinking gives you gas!

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