Everyday Linux User now on Reddit

I have recently become a user on Reddit and I have to say that out of all the social networking sites it is the one I relate to the most.

I currently subscribe to the following sub-reddits:
  • Linux
  • Linuxnoobs
  • Linuxquestions
  • Raspberry_PI
  • RaspberryPI
  • Distrohopping
In order to be able to discuss more fully the articles on this site and to chat freely about Linux without bombarding the comments section at the bottom of each article I have decided to create an Everyday Linux User Sub-reddit.
So if you are a Reddit user feel free to subscribe to the EVERYDAYLINUXUSER Sub-reddit.
Feel free to discuss anything about Linux on this Sub-reddit. If you have your own Linux blog then I am more than happy for you to promote your own linux blog links and articles.
If you want to become a moderator get in touch.

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