Just a quick update….

You may or may not be wondering why there have been no new articles this week.

I have been very busy working on a number of things.

  1. I downloaded the latest version of Puppy Linux (Precise Puppy). There will be a review of this in the next week.
  2. I downloaded the ARM version of Puppy Linux (Puppi)
  3. I received in the post a shiny new Raspberry PI and I’m not ashamed to admit to wasting an inordinate amount of time playing with it.
There are going to be lots of articles in the next few weeks as there have been a number of distributions with new releases and there are so many that I have never reviewed yet fully intend to.
Plans for this week include articles for
  1. Precise Puppy
  2. Puppi for the Raspberry PI
  3. Raspbian Linux
  4. PCLinuxOS
All updates to this blog are posted on Twitter and many of the articles make it to either LXER or Linux Today.
The next review will be available on Monday 29th October.

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  1. Using Linux can be very addicting and I can't blame you for that. The fact that is open source, it makes updating very easy. There are also online communities that help each other and are open to suggestions to improve this operating system.

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