Great little tools – #1 PupSnap

Every so often you come across tools or utilities that you think, wow that is excellent. Nobody ever mentions them and they never get the respect they deserve.

This post is about a tool I stumbled across whilst writing other blog posts about Puppy LINUX. The tool is called PupSnap and it is simply a tool for grabbing screen shots.

I am using Lucid Puppy 5.2.8 and it comes with 2 screen capture tools:

  1. mtpaint-snapshot screen capture
  2. PupSnap

Whilst creating reviews for Wary Puppy and Slacko Puppy I used the mtpaint screen capture tool but it was quite fiddly. I then stumbled across PupSnap whilst reviewing Lucid Puppy and I was suitably impressed.

Now this isn’t an application that will change your world and it depends how often you need to take screen captures how useful you will find this tool. Really the criteria is for somebody running Lucid Puppy who needs to take screen captures. We probably aren’t talking millions.

PupSnap basically has 5 tabs: Setup, Full Screen, Window, Region and Help.

The setup tab lets you determine the name and folder where the screenshot will be saved as well as the format, quality and the default editors/viewers.

The full screen tab enables you to take a full screen capture. There are simply 2 buttons which are save and edit. Clicking save will save the file to the folder set on the setup tab. Clicking edit will additionally open the image in the editor defined on the setup tab.

The window tab enables you to take a screen capture of an individual window. Again the only options are save and edit and like the full screen mode it either saves the file to the folder or additionally loads the image in the editor defined on the setup tab.

The Region tab has the same two buttons but this time enables you to select an area of the screen to grab.

Finally there is the help tab which gives a button which links to the help file.


PupSnap is not a spectacular life changing experience but it is a competent tool that makes it easy to take screen shots.

It just works.

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  1. Based from my experience in the IT field. Pupsnap is one of the best image capturing application available. Its user interface is what I love. Easy to use and the proper use of drop down boxes to not make the user feel puzzled.

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